June 11, 2020

Rock City

Welcome to Rock City.  This roadside attraction is located at the very top of Lookout Mountain near the city of Chattanooga, TN (though the attraction is actually in Georgia)

While technically the attraction could be classified as "gardens" it is a whole lot more than that.

Just make sure you stick to the pathways so you do not get lost.

The gardens start off with some interesting rock formations such as the Mushroom Rock

Then the further you get into the gardens, the more fantastical they become.  Like the Goblins Underpass.

The pathways go over top of the rocks, through the rocks and between the rocks.

Isn't this a neat place.  You could spend hours here and not see everything

The famous swinging bridge

Here's the swinging bridge.  In actuality, it is two connected swinging bridges and yes it does have some give to it.

This is the view from the swinging bridge.

The first major overlook is Lover's Leap

They say you can see 7 states.  That might be a stretch, but you can see a long way

The Rainbow Hall was pretty neat.  They create the effect with colored windows and natural light

Observation platform from the caverns below Lover's Leap

Here's a better look at Lover's Leap and the waterfall that flows just below it

Time to take the cave

The rock above this statue is called the "Balanced Rock"

Fairyland Caverns was an original part of the park.  It features numerous scenes from classic fairy tales that are illuminated by black light

As you can see, the scenes are very detailed.  I could have done an entire trip report on this section of the park, but instead you will only be offered a small sample.

Photos do not do these scenes justice.  You really cannot appreciate the size of them

The final room features a huge display with numerous different smaller stories on both sides of the hill.  You could spend a lot of time in here admiring the detail.

Rock City is a fascinating place to visit.  I ended up enjoying it a lot more than I thought I was going to.  I will definitely have to make a return trip in the future to check things out more thoroughly