June 17, 2020

Six Flags over Georgia

Welcome to Six Flags over Georgia

Georgia Scorcher is definitely my favorite stand-up coaster

Dare Devil Dive starts with a straight up lift and a straight down first drop

It is a lot of fun

Goliath is the park's hypercoaster

It likes to surf just above the tree line.

Twisted Cyclone is the park's RMC reimagined Georgia Cyclone wooden coaster

It is a big improvement over the Georgia Cyclone

Acrophobia is the resident drop tower

Dahlongea Mine Train

It is not very tall person friendly.  I had a hard time fitting on it

This is by far my favorite attraction at the park - Monster Mansion

It is fun little cruise into a fantasy world

The ride is full of whimsical animatronic monsters

It has a very catchy theme song too

Just beware of the bad monsters

Joker Fun House Coaster is a fun junior coaster

Justice League is closed for the season due to an inability to social distance

 Superman Ultimate Flight is the original B&M flying coaster

It is a lot of fun.  That pretzel loop though gets me every time.

Great American Scream Machine is the lone wooden coaster now at the park, but it is a great out and back coaster

Ninja got a makeover since my last visit and is now Blue Hawk.  It rides better, but there is still some rough sections

SkyScreamer takes rides high in the sky

Pandemonium is the park's giant frisbee ride.  These are so much fun

That's all folks from Atlanta!