June 14, 2020

The Park at OWA

Welcome to The Park at OWA

A nice fountain welcomes you as soon as you enter the park

This is the Aerozoom.  You can control your glider to go up or down

The Freedom Flyer takes you up high and swings you around.  The tower is as tall as the lift hill for Rollin' Thunder, the park's premiere rollercoaster

The Flying Carousel is for those who prefer the traditional swing ride

Twister will spin you around and also upside down in complete 360 loops

Crazy Mouse is the park's other thrill coaster besides Rollin' Thunder

Up to four riders can ride in mouse themed carts that start off traditional but then becoming spinning mice during the second half of the ride

Alabama Wham'a is the park's Endeavor ride

Mystic Mansion is the park's Sally shooter ride

They have a pretty impressive animatronic in the queue area

My score seemed appropriate for a ride themed to ghosts and demons

This is the park's junior rollercoaster called Southern Express

The Disk'o Coaster at the park is called Wave Rider.  Notice how it uses a traditional Disk'o platform instead of the rectangle stadium seating that most Disk'o Coasters use

Finally, the main attraction at the park is Rollin' Thunder

The ride starts with a straight up lift hill

The plummets into a giant loop

The out and back layout is very efficient with its use of land.  Extremely narrow plot that goes right down the middle of the park

This is a clone of the Thunderbolt coaster at Luna Park at Coney Island in New York, another park that features nothing but Zamperla rides like The Park at OWA

I had a great time at the park.  Good ride selection and decent ride ops made for a pleasant evening in the Gulf Shores, Alabama area.