June 22, 2020

COVID-19 Update (WOF)


When entering the park.  If you do not have a mask, you can purchase one at this stand

The next step is a temperature scan which takes place in this tent

They try to make it really cool in here so the summer heat doesn't effect your reading.  Unlike the Six Flags scanning where you do not have to stop, here you have to stand in a box when called on

At security this year, they are not allowed to touch your bag.  You must open it for them

While I am not sure of the reasoning, they have two sections of the park completely blocked off.

The first is the pathway from Patriot to Panda Express

The second is in Africa from the Cashbah Games

to the hill over by 3pt Challenge

This obviously blocks off Nile and Boomerang from being accessed

They have social distancing markings in the queue lines. 

(Timber Wolf)

In the actual load station, they have every other row chained off


(Timber Wolf)


About every 20 minutes the crews will spray down the rides for cleaning

There is signage all over the park reminding people to stay social distant and to sanitize

They are everywhere

There are also mask resting areas where you can take off your mask for awhile

Most of them are in former smoking areas since smoking is no longer allowed in the park

There are hand sanitizer stations all over the park.  This one is near the Depot

This one is under the shade covers on Forum Road on the way to MAMBA

A lot of shops have specific entrances and exits now.

The counters all have plexiglass shields (Prowler)


The dining areas have all had their seating reduced.  At locations where the tables are fixed, they have put stickers on the "closed" tables

Live entertainment is not likely to happen this year

They fenced off the Snoopy statues in Planet Snoopy

Finally some attractions will not operate this year, including Cyclone Sam's

and last year's new attraction, the Petting Zoo in Planet Snoopy